Holly’s Happy Ending!

Our story started on January 3rd, 2016 with a sweet little Puggle that was so sick we didn’t believe she’d make it through the weekend – 2 1/2 years later we can’t believe we’re standing beside this same dog, Holly, and announcing she is CURED of mammary cancer and no longer a Lukas Project hospice dog!!


Holly’s June 18th surgery to remove the left side of her mammary channel was her second and final surgery, and we’re thrilled to say our vets were able to remove all the cancer from her body! She was a real champ this time around and was mobile and feeling good right after her surgery! We were thrilled because her first surgery really knocked her out for about a week, but we knew in order for Holly to have another 7+ years of life we had to go through with the final surgery – it was her only chance at a full and healthy, cancer-free life.

Holly continues to thrive – she loves walks, couch snuggles, and treats! She’s a happy gal with 2 amazing foster parents, Marie and Marlon, that we cannot thank enough for caring for Holly and loving her like she was one of their own since January 2016.

And the good news doesn’t stop there, because Holly’s foster parents are going to be her forever parents and will be adopting her as soon as she’s fully healed! We can’t believe that this 2 1/2 year journey, with so many ups and downs with her health, has such a happy ending! We can finally say that Holly will have many, many years of a spoiled and comfy life ahead of her with her soon to be forever family!

Holly’s surgeries cost nearly $3000, and we’ve managed to raise $1410 of that $3k, leaving us with $1590 to raise to cover all her care. It’s no small amount, but you can help and donate ANY amount -assuring Pet Project Rescue can take on additional difficult animal cases, and give every dog and cat a fighting chance at a long and healthy life!

Photo by Angela Boone


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