Lukas Project (Hospice)

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PPR’s Lukas Project is a hospice program for terminally ill dogs and cats, of any age, that are in Minnesota shelters facing euthanasia. Our hospice animals are diagnosed with a variety of illnesses, such as advanced heartworm disease, cancer, liver failure and other terminal illnesses. PPR strives to give these animals love and comfort in their last days, as well as a true forever home to call their own with a PPR foster home.

Lukas’ Story:

LukasThe Lukas Project is in memory of PPR’s wonderful German Shepherd, Lukas, who was rescued in 2010 from a local shelter. Lukas needed extensive vet care, and after months of treatment he was much healthier and ready to look for a home of his own. He was adopted by a wonderfully loving home who gave him everything possible in this world until he passed away in March 2011, as a result of complications from his Crohn’s disease. Lukas touched so many lives, and as a result we wanted to do more to help animals that are traditionally overlooked by rescues. Pet Project Rescue created a hospice program for terminally ill dogs and cats in 2011; officially starting The Lukas Project!

Maxie and Bogie (not pictured) are currently with PPR as part of The Lukas Project.
We have been honored to care for Holly, Maxie, Boogie, Buddy, Byron, Cupcake, Lovey (Charlie; not pictured), Hannah, Olive (not pictured), San Diego (not pictured), Osso, Miel (not pictured) and Peanut before they crossed the rainbow bridge.



How can I help?

The Lukas Project is funded solely on donations. We never want to turn away an animal that needs us at the end of their life, but we need public support to continue this program. Please consider donating to support The Lukas Project and help us provide the care for dogs and cats in need of our hospice program!
black and white cat
Elsie 2019
Holly 2016
Holly 2016-2018 (cured!)
Bogey 2015


Maxie 2015
Buddy 2015
Byron 2015
Cupcake 2015
Lovey (& Charlie, not pictured) 2013-2014
Hannah 2013
Osso 2013
Peanut 2013
Site and Lukas Project photos by Sarahbeth Photography
Site and Lukas Project photos by Sarahbeth Photography