Barn Cat Program

**Pet Project Rescue’s main focus is TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) with a focus on Return to Field unless absolutely not possible in very rare situations**

The Barn Cat Program was set up to provide rescue for community cats entering our local municipal shelters but for a unique reason could not be part of the return-to-field program. We knew these healthy, under-socialized cats had just as much right to live, and could also serve a great purpose to our community. We work with our local shelter to allow PPR to rescue, spay/neuter, vaccinate and place these cats in loving barn homes. This program has prevented hundreds of healthy community cats from being put down, and now our barn partner have great mousers!

We must stress that this program is not a solution to animal overpopulation, and is a back-up program used only when cats cannot be returned as part of our Trap-Neuter-Return program. We have very limited space, and always ask that people who are considering bringing a community cat into a shelter first contacts us about our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program.

How can you help?

1) Donate! Each rescue cat through our Barn Cat Program requires roughly $90 in funding to fully vet and feed, and does not include gas costs for transportation of barn cats to their adoptive homes. We are always in need of sponsors for our wonderful barn cats! Donate today to save a life by using the Barn Cat Program donation button below.

2) Apply to adopt our barn cats! (Application below) Please note: our main focus is return-to-field, but in the rare circumstance that is not an option for a specific cat we reach out to barn cat applicants. When you apply we will place you on our wait-list and contact you when we rescue a cat in need of a barn home.

3) Email us at with any questions.

Adoption Application