Help us end animal homelessness and suffering with a donation to support our free spay/neuter clinics for both owned and community animals!

Pet Project Rescue accepts contributions via major credit card and Paypal.

$25: End the spread of deadly disease by vaccinating an animal and preventing the suffering and pain caused by distemper, parvo and rabies.

$50: Spay/Neuter 2 dogs or cats in Mexico or 1 community cat in Minneapolis.

$100: Spay/Neuter 2 Twin Cities Community Cats or 4 dogs/cats in Mexico.

$250: Make it possible for PPR to rescue a terminally ill dog/cat from a local high-kill shelter.

$500: Spay/neuter an entire community cat colony in MN and prevent 70 cats from being born to the streets or entering our shelters or sponsor an entire clinic day in Mexico for 22 animals!