Our Mission: To be the solution to companion animal overpopulation & homelessness from MN to Mexico by offering free spay/neuter clinics for owned and homeless dogs and cats.

Pet Project Rescue (PPR) is a Minnesota based, non-profit organization that specializes in spay/neuter programming from Minnesota to Mexico, and foster-based hospice care for terminally ill MN dogs and cats rescued from local high-kill shelters.

PPR’s mission is to end animal homelessness and suffering by focusing on reducing the homeless animal population at its source through our free spay/neuter clinics for animals both in our local MN community and Mexico.  PPR believes that all animals deserve a loving and healthy life.  In order to fully provide for animals in need we dedicate our time and energy to help animals locally and beyond by providing free vet care for low-income communities while also striving to make Minneapolis a no-kill city!

In addition to our main focus on spay and neuter services, we make an effort to provide a comfortable and dignified life for animals that are generally seen as unadoptable. PPR created a hospice program in 2010, which focuses on providing foster homes for terminally ill animals that are rescued from MN high-kill shelters. These dogs and cats are our of options, but because of our hospice program they are able to have a loving family in their last days and pass with the respect and dignity every living being deserves.

 Pet Project Rescue has been a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit since 2008.

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Our Story

Pet Project Rescue was started in response to the needs of street animals on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Many of these animals live in desperate conditions, where they have to fight to stay alive each day on the street. It is a heart-wrenching site for any animal lover, and once you have seen one of these adorable dogs or cats it is impossible not to want to do something to help them. And this is where the story of starting Pet Project Rescue begins…

During our time on Isla Mujeres we had the opportunity to meet Alison Sawyer Current and visit her rescue, Isla Animals Rescue, and their clinic. Alison could easily be called the guardian angel of Isla dogs. Like Alison, we instantly fell in love with all the wonderful street animals on the island. We knew that we needed to help humanely control unchecked breeding and get involved in aggressive spay & neuter programs to end the cycle of life on the streets for these animals. Since 2008 thousands of animals have been cared for and the number of street animals continues to decrease, while education of good pet ownership continues.

As of April 2009 PPR began working with our local animal control to rescue local cats and dogs. We strongly support the animals in our local area as well, and we new that we had to more do get to the root of the problem and really be the solution to pet overpopulation and homelessness. After 8 years it became clear that the only way we would ever empty all our shelters is to get serious about spay/neuter programs and education. We shifted our focus to what we also saw working in Mexico, and put our endless hard work into preventing unwanted and unplanned litters that fill our rescues and shelters with spay/neuter programs for both dogs and cats. We truly believe we will solve animal suffering by dedicating ourselves to spay and neuter!

These animals know the hard life, and they know the good life…and they will let you know each and every day how grateful they are for your help! Please consider becoming a Pet Project Rescue monthly donor and help us continue to provide vital care to hospice animals and dogs and cats in need of spay/neuter services.

Join Us! Give Today To Save A Life!

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