Holly’s Cancer Cure!

Holly is an incredibly special dog that has been a part of our hospice foster program, The Lukas Project, since January 3rd, 2016! When we took Holly in she was on death’s door – she had untreated diabetes, blind in both eyes due to diabetic induced cataracts, pancreatic failure and mammary cancer.

It was not believed that she would make it through the night, but despite the odds she rebounded, her pancreas healed, one cataract dissolved to the point that she can partially see, and her diabetes stabilized. Her cancerous tumor was removed, but came back quickly – this is unfortunately common with mammary cancer. It was determined at that time by her vets that her cancer was terminal. She entered our hospice program and has spent the last 2 years being loved and spoiled by her foster parents, Marie and Marlon.

Holly in 2017

Fast forward to January 2018 and a serendipitous conversation had at one of our Mexico spay and neuter clinics. While chatting with a local rescuer she mentioned her dog had mammary cancer and that her vet opted to do a double mastectomy and that she was now cured of cancer! Immediately I thought of Holly and took note that I had to contact our vet in Minneapolis and see if this was an option for Holly – could a simple conversation in passing be the answer we had been searching for entire time? Could it be possible that after two years we could cure her cancer!?!

Holly enjoying her twice daily walks.

We approached Holly’s vet with this idea, and after research and many conversations we decided we had to give it a chance if it meant she could live a long and full, cancer-free life, but first we had to know if the cancer spread.

Holly spent a full day at the vet getting complete blood work ups to assure all her levels were normal and her organs were functioning as they should – the results showed she was still in great health! Next we had to complete a number of x-rays to assure the cancer had not spread – especially to the lungs, which is most common with mammary cancer. And the good news is that the cancer had NOT SPREAD AT ALL!! We were over the moon! Holly is officially a candidate for double mastectomy surgery!

While this surgery is not commonly done in the US, it is the only option to assure Holly can have a long and healthy life free of cancer. Holly had dozens of tumors along both her left and right mammary channel, and simply removing the tumors would mean they would just grow back. The cancer has not spread yet, but it is likely that given more time it would so we have to act now and take this aggressive approach to cure her of cancer!

At just 8 years old we can give Holly another decade of life and a chance at a loving, forever home for the first time in her life! The surgery is costly and we are actively seeking emergency grant support, but with her first surgery fast approaching on April 23rd we have to raise funds quickly!

Surgery cost breakdown:

Pre-surgery blood work and x-rays: $450.19

April 23rd Surgery (left mammary channel removal): $1389.30

June Surgery (right mammary channel removal): $888.30 – $1389.30 (range is due to additional testing and medication)

Total: Range of $2727.79 to $3228.79

We need to raise $1840 by April 22nd to cover her first surgery and start the journey to cure Holly of cancer! We hope to have your support in our mission to save Holly’s life!!

We have 3 easy ways you can choose from to support Holly and PPR!!

  1. Become a monthly donor & have your donation matched dollar-for-dollar by Dogs Of A Good Society!
  2. Purchase a ticket to our April 29th 10th Annual Fundraiser!
  3. Make a one-time donation to Holly’s vet care!

We feel honored to be able to provide Holly with a second chance in life and cure her of this terrible cancer! We hope to have your support as we venture into this exciting new chapter guaranteeing Holly the success story she so deserves!

Thank you on behalf of Holly and all of us at Pet Project Rescue!

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