Zero Waste Flea Market For The Animals!

What’s a flea market have to do with animals? Firstly, 100% of the sales from our flea market support our spay and neuter clinics and vet care program, The Hero Fund. These programs allow us work toward our goal of ending animal homelessness and suffering – ending the cycle of animals being born to the streets from Minnesota to Mexico!

Secondly, shopping secondhand has a hugely positive impact on the environment, helping animals big and small by preventing new pollution from entering our ecosystem. The simple act of thrifting keeps tons of perfectly good items in use and out of landfills! Trash also has a sneaky way of creeping from our garbage cans into the streets and traveling into our oceans and forests- the simple act of keeping things out of the trash helps to keep garbage out of the food chain for our wildlife, both on land and in the ocean! We’re helping animals big and small, four-legged and with fins, to live a healthier and happier life!


The small act of supporting our flea market will not only allow us to continue to provide life-saving programs from spay/neuter clinics, hospice care (Lukas Project), trap-neuter-return, barn cat placement, and vet support (Hero Fund), it will also make the world a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable place for creatures small and large!!

Join us on August 5th at 612 Brew from 1-7p for our zero waste flea market and help us end companion animal homelessness and keep the world green and healthy!

**Our sustainable Tshirts will also be on sale at this event – get your paws on the best organic T’s available and ship the shipping costs! (Photos by Alexa Kay Photography)

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