PPR’s Mission to Eradicate TVT Cancer!

The launch of Pet Project Rescue’s Cancer Fund this year was motivated by all the loving dogs and desperate owners in need of financial support to treat dogs with TVT cancer – a common, but highly curable cancer that spreads via intact dogs.
Our Hero Fund & Cancer Fund helps families like the two young brothers we met in February. These young boys biked miles from their poor neighborhood with their dogs in tow to our Playa del Carmen (Mexico) partner clinic in search of help.
Meeting with the vet
The boys live in Inn-neighborhood on the edge of Playa del Carmen. This area lacks electricity, running water, and the dirt roads make it nearly impossible to maneuver due to massive holes that fill with rainwater. The conditions are dire, and the residents are incredibly poor, so when these two boys showed up we knew we were their only option and had to help!
Inn-house neighborhood
They heard that we were in their neighborhood the previous day helping pets, and knew something was wrong with their dog, so they decided they needed to get her to us.
The long trek to the vet!
Their beloved dog was diagnosed with TVT cancer – it is curable with 8 rounds of chemotherapy which costs roughly $120. In a country where unemployment is extremely high, and those who a job make $50 a month on average, the cost of cancer treatment for a pet is sadly not financially possible for most people.
Boys and their dogs!
This is why Pet Project Rescue’s Caner Fund is so vital! We provide treatment for free, curing dogs like this, ending the pain caused by cancer, and spay/neutering all the dogs in the home assuring they never contract or spread a TVT tumor again!
For such a small amount of money we can save lives and prevent many families from suffering through the loss of a beloved family member. We’re thrilled to be able to help these boys who clearly love their dogs and many other families in need!
Our April 29th fundraiser at Bauhaus Brew Labs will raise much needed funds for the Cancer Fund, Hero Fund, our spay/neuter clinics, hospice foster care, and community cat programs! We hope you will join us – grab your ticket at a discounted rate today!

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