Together We Will Get Through This!

Thousands of Minnesota nonprofits are supporting our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting today, GiveMN is doing a #GiveAtHomeMN from May 1st-8th in celebration of generosity during tough times – a call to give back as we’re able to help the organizations that make a difference in our lives.

With everything going on around us, Pet Project Rescue is busier than ever but we couldn’t do it without you, our donors, volunteers, and supporters!

How far will your donation go?

$25: End the spread of deadly disease by vaccinating 2 animals and preventing the suffering and pain caused by distemper, parvo and rabies.

$50: Spay/Neuter 2 dogs or cats in Mexico or 1 community cat in Minneapolis.

$100: Spay/Neuter 2 Twin Cities Community Cats or 4 dogs/cats in Mexico.

$250: Make it possible for PPR to rescue a terminally ill dog/cat from a local high-kill shelter.

$500: Spay/neuter an entire community cat colony in MN and prevent 70 cats from being born to the streets or entering our shelters or sponsor an entire clinic day in Mexico for 22 animals!

Happy children greeting their pup after a clinic day.

The Covid19 pandemic has hit us all hard and the need for our services has exploded in Mexico. In a country where the poverty level is normally 40%, this pandemic has rocked the already suffering communities we support. Unemployment skyrocketed in Playa del Carmen, due to a total shutdown of the tourist industry. People are going without food, which means providing basic needs like pet food and vet care is simply out of reach. That’s were we come in, with our free clinics and also food support through partnerships in Playa. Every Thursday we provide free clinics to family pets and community animals. Not only are the dogs and cats we are serving healthier after our clinics, we are also able to prevent unwanted litters of puppies and kittens from being born and ending up on the streets.

This family’s puppies were spayed and received free pet food.

Last week, we spayed this sweet girl during one of our free clinics, which means no unwanted puppies!

She was recently rescued from the streets, and shortly after her new mom lost her job. She needed help with vet care and PPR was able to provide that help thanks to donors like you!

Rosie arriving at our clinic

We’ve gone from clinics twice a month to 4-5 times a month. The need is MASSIVE. We expect to spend an additional $10,000 between now and the end of the year to help families and pets most in need. If you are in a place to give we would greatly appreciate your support for our #GiveFromHomeMN fundraiser from May 1 thru May 8th. Every dollar counts! Stay safe and healthy and #GiveFromHomeMN !

A family walking home in their neighborhood with their dogs and pet food.

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