Raini’s Story: from forgotten to cherished

Raini is one of the many puppies from an unplanned litter in Mexico, and one of the millions of Mexico’s street dogs. We met Raini when we were going door-to-door to spread the word about our spay/neuter clinics. Raini was sitting in a corner with her head down and not engaging at all. My gut said something was off, so we tracked down the neighbors and they let us know she had been hit by a car a few days prior.

Raini’s Rescue Day

We asked to take her to the vet, and they agreed. When we got her to the clinic x-rays were done and Raini was found to have a broken pelvis and hip. She’d been sitting in pain for days until we found her!

These situations aren’t uncommon due to the sheer volume of stray animals, and it’s one of the many reasons why we must put more resources in spay and neuter. We need to prevent the huge numbers of animals in shelters and on the streets, and rescue alone cannot keep up!

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Raini has a personality that captured everyone’s heart and there wasn’t a person that met her that didn’t adore her! She deserved so much more than a life of suffering on the streets! As fate would have it, during Raini’s recovery a clinic volunteer visiting from Switzerland fell in love with her and flew her home where she has the most amazing life now! It’s the happy ending we want for every dog and cat, but without humane population control we simply won’t have the resources for every animal in need, which is why we must spay and neuter every animal we can!

Raini and her new family!
Raini’s Flight Day!













If we put as many resources into spay and neuter as we do rescue, we would be able to see a huge reduction in the number of animals both living on the streets and entering shelters. Every single one of these animals then needs a rescue to step up to give them a second chance in life, which results in maxed out rescues having to turn their backs on animals in need. The reality is rescues can’t keep up, so we must prevent the need for rescue and that is spay and neuter!


We’d love your support for all the Raini’s out there! Join us on #GTTMD, November 14th, or schedule your donation now via our GiveMN page!

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