Happy World Spay Day!

There’s 2 simple reasons we are thrilled to celebrate World Spay Day today!

Spaying & neutering dogs and cats is key to ending animal homelessness and suffering.
Love is free from borders and animal lovers like you and me know that every animal, no matter where they live, deserves a happy, safe, and healthy life. PPR is providing that through our free spay/neuter clinics!

Of the 6.5 million animals that enter US shelters every year, approximately 1.5 million animals are euthanized. When you consider stats outside of the US the numbers grow by the millions!

Numbers like that can be daunting, but with progressive spay/neuter programming we are seeing real improvements thanks in large part to animal advocates just like you!

A majority of these animals are healthy and adoptable but are killed due to lack of shelter space, adoptive homes, and financial resources to care for medical needs. As advocates for animals we believe this is unacceptable and that solutions are available to end the practice of euthanizing healthy animals.

By providing free spay/neuter resources for both pets and community animals in low-income communities who lack access to pet care, we can prevent dogs and cats from entering shelters – greatly reducing the rate of euthanasia and reducing both health and behavior issues long term. The end result is far more animals stay in their homes and out of shelters and off the streets!

Join us in providing spay/neuter resources to animals in need from MN to Mexico! Come along, starting on April 28th, for our Paws Across Borders – a virtual walk to end animal homelessness. More details to come soon!


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