Pet Project Rescue strives to better the lives of animals near and far through our community cat Trap-Neuter-Return program, Barn Cat Placement program, Mexico spay/neuter clinics, and hospice foster care.

Hero Fund

The Hero Fund saves furry lives. Whether it’s a street cat in need of medication or an owned dog with a broken bone, your donations to the Hero Fund makes it possible for PPR to treat these animals and give them the best life possible.

Be The Solution!

Help us reach more animals than ever in 2018 by donating and supporting our life-saving programs. Your gift will prevent future generations of homeless puppies and kittens being born to the streets, and provide life-saving vet care for animals most in need!

Become a Monthly Donor

Giving monthly to Pet Project Rescue is the best way to ensure the stability of our life saving programs, and it's easy for you! As little as $5/month allows us to prevent suffering and homelessness through our spay/neuter programs, and provides rescue to hospice dogs and cats that are abandoned in shelters at the end of their lives.


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