Paws Across Borders

Thank you for helping us raise $9000 and provide vet care and spay/neuter over 400 dogs and cats!

Pet Project Rescue’s mission is to end animal homelessness and suffering by providing free spay/neuter services for low-income pet owners and community animal caregivers. While we are based and do much of our work in Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area, helping animals and their people in Mexico is an important part of fulfilling our mission. In fact, PPR was founded after a trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico in 2008 which brought to our attention the desperate needs and living conditions for stray and many companion animals. Knowing the average Mexican has a monthly income of $50 and the discounted cost for us to spay/neuter an animal is $20, we quickly realized how much of an impact we could make in the lives of both animals and their families by providing services in Mexico.

Today, in addition to our local programs, we work with partners in Mexico to provide free veterinary care for owned and street animals. Our Spay/Neuter clinics directly address and greatly improve the issues of overpopulation and animal homelessness. In 2020 PPR was able to provide care to 428 animals in Mexico, but the need is immense and we have an opportunity to do more – this is where we need your help.

While Mexico may seem far away, it’s actually only 2,900 miles from Minneapolis to Playa del Carmen, and we believe love and compassion transcends borders, language, and cultures. We are asking for your help to virtually bridge the distance and get us to Mexico, with each $5 donation representing 1 mile traveled. Our goal is to raise $14,500 to fund our Mexico clinics in 2021, allowing us to provide care for 725 animals.

Please give today and help us travel closer to Mexico and our goal of helping 725 animals. Whether you’re able to contribute $5 or $500, every mile helps and together we will prevent future generations of puppies and kittens from being born on the streets and entering shelters. Thank you for your support and shared dedication to end animal homelessness and suffering from MN to Mexico!


  • $5: 1 mile closer to Mexico and provides medication to treat one animal with parasites, eye or ear needs
  • $10: 2 miles closer to Mexico and vaccinates one dog or cat
  • $15: 3 miles closer to Mexico and treats one animal in need of antibiotics
  • $20: 4 miles closer to Mexico and spay/neuters one animal, preventing 15+ animals from being born into homelessness
  • $25: 5 miles closer to Mexico and provides one x-ray for an animal in need
  • $50: 10 miles closer to Mexico and provides casting for an injured animal
  • $100: 20 miles closer to Mexico and spay/neuters 5 animals
  • $500: 100 miles closer to Mexico and funds one Spay/Neuter clinic, impacting 25 animals and their families