Q: Can I choose which animal I foster? 

A: Yes! PPR will meet with you to determine what animal will work best in your home, and we strive to place you with animals that work with your entire family (both human and other pets). We will email out animals in need and you can pick what animal you foster.

Q: How long will I foster an animal?

A: Because all our foster animals are hospice animals we want to provide consistency in their care and living environment, so we ask that all foster animals remain in their foster home until they cross the rainbow bridge. This could be 1 day or 1 year depending on their terminal illness.

Q: What is expected of me as a foster

A: 1) Attend vet appts as needed for your foster animal. 2) Administer needed medication per the vet. 3) Loving and caring for your foster dog or cat as one of your family members.

Q: What supplies does PPR provide?

A: PPR provides all needed supplies, food, and vet care.

Q: What if my foster animal needs vet care?

A: PPR covers all vet care, and if your foster animal ever needs to see the vet they will go to a PPR approved vet. We will be available to support and direct you on any vetting needs should they arise.

Q: What happens if I need to go on vacation?

A: Temporary foster homes are available to foster your foster animal while you are out of town/on vacation.