We are rolling out exciting changes and are currently not taking on new foster homes. More info coming soon!

Fostering is completely free and you truly are saving a life!

Volunteers are needed to provide hospice foster care for homeless dogs and cats of all ages and breeds. Pet Project Rescue will cover vet care costs at approved vets, and needed supplies. Foster homes decide which dog/cat they bring into their homes, and will at no time be asked to take in an animal they are not comfortable fostering. This role is not always easy, but it is always rewarding and there is no animal more in need than an animal at the end of their days. Not sure if you are qualified? Let’s talk! Apply today.

Foster Homes role includes

  • Attend vet appts as needed for your foster animal.
  • Administer needed medication per the vet.
  • Fostering your dog or cat until they are ready to cross the rainbow bridge.
  • Loving and caring for your foster dog or cat as one of your family members.

Temporary Foster Homes:

Temp foster homes are needed for short periods, from 1 night up to 2 weeks, while the animal’s original foster is out of town. Temp fosters are especially needed during summer months and holidays.