They Need A Hero!

We all have the power to be a hero for an animal in need, and now Pet Project Rescue’s Hero Fund makes becoming a hero easy! With the start of our spay/neuter clinics in the Cristo Rey neighborhood of Playa del Carmen, Mexico quickly made us realize that we had the opportunity to not only end the cycle of animals being born to the streets, but also vastly improve their quality of life through vet treatments for painful conditions like mange, parasites, communicable diseases, wounds, infections, and even broken bones.

Most of the animals that come to out clinics have never been to a vet, and while they all have homes their owners live in poverty and struggle just to keep food on the table. This is where Pet Project Rescue can help with FREE vet care via donor support to our Hero Fund!


After just 1 month of mange treatment provided by Hero Fund donors!


You too can become a hero for a dog or cat in need with as little as $5 a month! The Hero Fund provides life-saving vet care, far beyond spay/neuter, for dogs and cats from MN to Mexico that come through our clinics. Whether it is a community cat in Minneapolis or an owned dog in Mexico, we want to provide the best care possible to help these animals live a quality life.

Since the creation of the Hero Fund in January 2017 we have been able to cure 4 dogs of severe mange, repair an embedded collar and provide shelter, harnesses and a clean environment for a family of 3 dogs, vaccinate and de-parasite 67 animals that were also spayed/neutered, fully vet and place 2 homeless and malnourished dogs in foster care in Playa, Mexico, and rescue, vet, and find homes for 4 abandoned cats right here in Minnesota! That’s after just 2 months of running this new program!

We know with our abilities to provide on-going follow up care for the animals we serve we can help many, many more dogs and cats throughout 2017 and far beyond with your support!


He went from a sad puppy to a happy, thriving dog thanks to the Hero Fund treating his skin condition!
Hawkeye was found on the street with a serious injury to his jaw. We did surgery to repair the damage, and he found his heros with his adoptive home 1 year ago!














How can you help? We have exhausted ALL our donation to the Hero Fund by providing vet care to many animals over the last two months. The need is high, and we do not want to ever turn away an animal that we can help! More than ever we need the support of the public, but that support can come in any amount. As little as $5 a month, or a one time donation of $15 or $20 can provide a month of life-saving medication for a dog or cat! Becoming a hero for an animal in need is just a click away. A small step on your part can mean huge things for a sick animal. Become a HERO today!


Before and After surgery for an embedded collar.


This beautiful Boxer is just one of the many dogs and cats we will help throughout 2017 with donations to the Hero Fund. We first noticed this dog chained up and clearly in pain. We asked the owner if we could help, and she told us she had been cleaning his wound and trying to care for him, but without any money she could not bring him to a vet. She agreed that we could treat him and neuter him, as well as the 2 other dogs in the family. His neck would was surgically repaired and we fitted him with a nice new harness so his wound would heal properly. All 3 dogs got longer tie outs, new dog houses to protect them from the sun, wind and rain, and we also educated the owner on the importance of daily walks. We are happy to report all 3 dogs are doing well!

We hope that you will join us on this important journey to end the cycle of suffering for animals from MN to Mexico, and become the hero we know you already are by supporting our Hero Fund!


Vaccines and de-parasite meds will assure this puppy grows up strong and healthy! #HeroFund
PPR’s spay/neuter clinics will end the suffering for both companion animals and their families.

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