There’s Still Time to Save Lives!

We have big plans for 2018, and to get there we need your support! You’ve still got time to make an impact with end of year giving through December 31st – it’s an opportunity to support our life-saving programs and get your last-minute 2017 tax deduction! This year we expanded our programs to offer additional assistance to animals and their families most in need in our community – but that has meant a considerable increase in expenses. Our 2017 costs have exceeded our donations, which means we need your support more than ever.

Our programs are on track to serve more than 500 animals in 2017, which is 158% increase from 2016! We’re striving to end companion animal homelessness and unnecessary euthanasia of animals in our local shelters, as well as ending the cycle of animals born to a life of suffering on the streets.

We’re very proud of our growth and can’t wait to strive for even bigger goals in 2018 through our spay/neuter clinics, barn cat placement, Trap-Neuter-Return, hospice foster care, and vet care support. Give the gift of life with a donation of any size today!


Your gift helped make Penny’s success story possible!

In January 2017, Pet Project Rescue launched our free spay/neuter clinics in Cristo Rey, a remote, jungle area on the edge Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Penny was one of our first patients, and just a few months later while out promoting our clinic to local residence, a volunteer found Penny seriously injured in a cardboard box on the side of the road.

Penny had been hit by a car, and because her former owners had planned to go out of town they put her in a box and abandon her on the side of the road, per the neighbor’s account. Our volunteer found her in time and rushed her to our partner clinic in Playa where she had emergency surgery to repair her leg and chest wounds. She spent the next few weeks recovering in our partner clinic, battling infection and gaining the strength to walk again.

She made great strides thanks to care she received from our partner vet at Coco’s Animal Welfare. We all fell in love with this low-riding pup, and it was imperative that after everything she went through that she finds a home that could meet all her needs. We knew finding the right home in Playa may take time and a lot of work, but after two failed adoption placements we feared we may never find the right forever home for her in Playa– and that’s when a Canadian rescue reached out to help Penny!

Help us make 2018 the year we save lives, spay/neuter and provide care for more animals than every before with your 2017 donation!

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