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We have a dollar for dollar MATCH for June ONLY thanks to Dogs of A Good Society!!

Now, more than ever, Pet Project Rescue needs your support! Our summer has just started and we have already had more emergency vet visits in June than we have had the previous 8 years of rescue! Our vet bills are mounting, as we strive to provide the best care to the neediest of animals. So many of our sickest fosters are fragile kittens that we have rescued from the streets of the Twin Cities – over 50 in 2016 alone-as well as numerous dogs in need of urgent rescue! We never want to turn our backs on the animals the need us most; the homeless street cats whose lives will be 150% better through our TNR program, the “unadoptable” cats that without our Barn Cat Program face a 100% rate of euthanasia in local shelters, the terminally ill dogs and cats whose former families cannot care for them in their last days, and the numerous healthy dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that need that helping hand and second chance in life through foster based rescue!

Keith at the Emergency Vet due to severe, and nearly deadly ,intestinal and bladder issues.

While our financial obligations continue to rise, we are also so fortunate to have the support of Dogs Of A Good Society as a MATCHING donor for the month of June! This means every dollar you donate is matched, doubling your donation! Give $5, and it turns into $10. Give $10, and it’s instantly $20!! Thanks to so many supporters joining at just $5, we have reached $350 of our $500 goal, and only have $150 to go to reach our full matching gift!! We ask that this June you consider joining us as a monthly sustaining donor at any level that works for you, and assure that PPR can keep working hard to save lives! Your donation is the second chance these animals need and it’s just a click away!

We are thrilled to have been able to nurse our many foster kittens all back to good health, and help them on their journey to find forever families! After a rough start in life, these sweet, innocent kittens deserve the best available to them, and we know they will be the fortune ones to find loving forever homes! To continue to offer rescue to other needy dogs and cats, and that is why we need your support in becoming a monthly donor!

Just $5 a month will assure we can reach out lifesaving goals!


IMG_3518We are thrilled to say that Keith is now stable and on his way back to being a healthy and happy kitten. These are the animal that need us most, and we need YOU to continue our work!

As a thank you to ALL PPR sustaining donors we are thrilled to let you know that with your monthly contribution of $5 or more a month you will get exclusive discounts, ONLY available to PPR sustaining donors!!!

Urban Tails and Bubbly Paws is offering on-going discounts on ALL their products for PPR monthly donors ONLY!! All sustaining donors will receive a PPR discount card to present at purchase, and we are adding new businesses to the list everyday!

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Become a monthly donor at just $5 a month!
Become a monthly donor at just $5 a month!

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