Volunteer Highlights

Meet Pet Project Rescue’s Volunteer of the Month, Maureen!


Maureen is PPR’s all-star Event Coordinator, and a vital part of our team for our major events like the PPR Annual Spring Fundraiser and Kitten Shower. Her background in marketing and advertising makes her a natural leader for our event team, and her creativity brings endless fun and excitement to our events!

We are so lucky to have such a talented and dedicated volunteer leading our event team and helping PPR raise the funds that make it possible for us to continue all our life-saving work!! Stay tuned to more fund ideas coming your way thanks to Maureen’s dedicated work with Pet Project Rescue!

Meet Pet Project Rescue’s Volunteer of the Month, Debbie!

Debbie and foster cat, Franklin!

Debbie is not only an amazingly dedicated foster home to her foster kitty, Franklin, who by the way, has been with PPR for over a year! But she is an all-star part of our event team, and a vital part of why our annual April fundraiser is a success each year.

Debbie puts 100% into everything that she does, and her love of animals shows in her kindness, drive and dedication to all things PPR! Every year from December to April, Debbie spends countless hours talking to local businesses and requesting auction items for our annual fundraiser. This auction funds the life saving vet care that PPR provides for hundreds of cats and dogs in need, and is the most important fundraiser we do all year long! Debbie’s energy is inspiring and we are so appreciative of all of her hard work. Thank you, Debbie!

Meet Pet Project Rescue’s Volunteer of the Month, Megan!

Megan working hard as our guest bartender at PPR's recent brunch fundraiser!
Megan working hard as our guest bartender at PPR’s recent brunch fundraiser!

Megan is a vital member of PPR’s event team and plans, promotes, and executes successful fundraising events. Her hard work enables PPR to continue with our life saving work for animals in need.

Megan’s creativity, energy, organization, and positive attitude makes her a joy to work with. In addition to being an all star Event Lead volunteer, Megan and her family have also fostered, adopted, and been flight escorts for PPR foster dogs!

We’re very lucky to have such a wonderful person helping to make our event team and fundraising such a success. Thank you, Megan, for all you do for Pet Project Rescue!